Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Trials and Tribulations of Gunplay

Sigh. Gunplay, Gunplay, Gunplay. This guy is one of my favorite up and coming rappers out of my hometown. Because he's fucking crazy. He clearly has one foot in the streets and one foot in the music business, which is always entertaining. But it can prove to be trying.

I watched the video posted on TMZ showing a light-skinned, dreadlocked, tattooed man "assault" a dude with a pistol. I'm pretty sure its Gunplay. But I have to call BULLSHIT when its possible that he could get life for that. LIFE, SON????

When I heard that Gunplay was wanted for assault and armed robbery, and that it was captured on tape, I thought I was gonna see a video of this nigga robbing a bank and beating the shit out of the teller. Wrong. He smacked a dude with a pistol and took something that wasn't his.

I'm not saying he doesn't deserve to be punished if he was careless enough to be caught on camera. But life??? He does not deserve life in prison for that. If T.I. can buy all them damn guns, get 8 months, get out and then go back again on a drug charge, for 1 year, AS A REPEAT FELON, Gunplay can get out in a reasonable amount of time. No one is dead. The guy wasn't even bleeding.

I'm sure the "life in prison" report is what they have to say when considering how these charges sound, and how they look on paper. But we see what he did on worldstar everyday. Give me a break. I'm also pretty sure this isn't his first charge, so that would also explain why he might get a little more time. But LIFE, SON? I hope he's got a good lawyer.

Even though what he did was completely reckless and stupid, I hope he pulls through this one. He's had a ROUGH month. First he gets jumped, maced, and robbed, all in one night. Then he gets detained for armed robbery and assault. Sigh. I was so looking forward to his music. Oh well.

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